Mike O’Brien’s 1992 Black Cherry VDP - The Rise of the Phoenix
# 31 last of the 100

We left you with the old inner fender cut away

The inner fender from the donor XJ6

The inner fender top piece

There is a pause now while removed parts are cleaned starting with the radiator parts

Front Rad overflow tank

Back overflow tank

Oil cooler bent and dirty

Straightened and painted


Valence and radiator supports

Rad supports painted with POR 15

AS for the left image

Front of the Rad over flow

Back of the Rad Overflow-POR 15

Pass side rotor and carrier replacement

Drivers side-rotor and carrier

Refurbished front brakes

Cross member replaced

This is the lower frame upon which the iner fender will be welded

The inner fender almost in place for welding. Note the shiny original frame that was pulled.

Steering rack cleaned

New fender on over the new inner fender

Front end completed

Inner finder - click for large picture

Inner Fender painted Black Cherry

Cross member in

Steering Rack in and connected

In the photo Bob Higgs is making final adjustments prior to starting the car for the first time since the accident

Bob Hiland installing the engine mount bolts

The engine is completely in

Inner fender carbon cannister installed

Bob Hiland and Phil Karam workout the installation

External damage to the passenger side being repaired

New Hood installed-Inner side pre-painted

Drivers side view of the hood

Prepped and ready

Passenger side

The engine is protected from over spray

The End

From the rear


 last updated April 05, 2020

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