On April 5 club members Merv Clarke, Bob Hiland, Dave Kenny, Adrian Sawyer, Criag Turner, Louis Robichaud and Don Leblanc joined Mike O’Brien to do some work on the car including installing the gas tank and related hoses and installing the brake booster.

14-04apr 5 f

Merv Clarke installing the fuel pump

Bob Hiland watching Dave Kenny install a shunt in the ammeter

Adrian Sawyer beginning the examination of how to install the brake booster

Adrian with his head in the headlight opening - “where does it go?”

Someone helping with the booster

Dave completing the shunt installation in the ammeter. note - with a modern alternator the ammeter has to be converted to a voltmeter

Craig Turner completing the installation of the fuel line from the tank forward

Louis Robichaud (background) and Don Leblanc (forground) having checked all the brake assemblies

Adrian Sawyer (forground) working on the brake booster in a vice and (backbround) Don Leblanc working on a rear axle nut

Merve Clarke, in some agony, moving a jack in place

The brake booster in place

On Friday April 11 Bob Hiland and Mike O’Brien worked on brakes and an overall check.  They removed athe XJ6 steering rack after it was determined that it needed to have the tie rods shortened by 1.5 inches each.  Bob then checked and tightened all the front and rear nuts and inserted split pins.  Mike repaired a rear axle retaining nut and installed several rotors and calipers with Bob’s help.

XJ6 Rack on the floor with tie rod ends attached

Left front brakes

Left rear brakes

Right front brakes

Right rear brakes

Rebuilt wiper motor

Rotors lined up

To be continued...


 last updated March 09, 2020

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