February 10, 2014
There has been some progress since January.  Dave Kenny, assisted by Ed Theoret and Rob Dunlop has taken away the wiring loom and is making great headway on determining continuity and confirming the function of each wire. Adrian Sawyer, a past member of the Club and regular MK2 disassembler and Ed Theoret have removed the butchered loom and instruments from the cabin. Adrian has done a number of wiring looms in MK2s and will work with Rob to replace the entire loom. The frame has been scraped and repainted along with the bottom side of the floors. The brakes have been cleaned and painted and await new rubbers due this week sometime. The rear springs have been removed and cleaned and painted and await new buffers. The rear axle and the wheels have been sandblasted and the axle has been painted.

painting parts rear axle 2
parts painting 4
parts painting engine and frame
parts painting pass frame
parts painting springs

Rear axle painted

Engine and frame painted

Springs painted

Frame painted

Brake booster cover cleaned and painted

February 22, 2014 - Action plan for the day
Assembly of the Front end. The reassembly of the front end will be the first event of the day. It will include insertion of the ball joints in the swivel arms having inserted the front springs and spacers. Then the replacement XJ 6 rack and related power steering hoses will occur. The shocks will be replaced after the cross member has been installed. This will be observed by all members. The installation will be undertaken by Craig Turner and Bob Hiland. Craig has been chosen because he has a MK2 and Bob is motivated to keep Craig working. Should Rick Mutzke be available that day he will replace Bob. Rick has a MK2.

What actually happened
The old front end assembly needed to be disassembled in order to provide nuts and bolts for the replacement axle. This was time consuming and tedious.  The installation of the front springs in the assembly required special knowledge and equipment so was wisely put off for another day.The The new front end assembly was completed up to the installation of the springs.

The rear assembly took longer than anticipated.  After finally getting the springs installed Rick realized that the bracket for the springs was installed upside down.  The springs were re-installed correctly and checked and the axle was installed.

Not all days go as planned.

Gas tank painted and ready to install

The old and the new front end assemblies

Front end assembly - putting it all together

Looking for bolts

Rear spring assembly

Making sure the rear spring bracket is instlled right side up

Work on the front end continues....

Lining up the rear axle

Installing the rear axle

Spring installation in front end very tricky - and dangerous

Satisfaction on a job well done

Last attempt to install the springs prior to the decision to use specialized equipment.  See detailed  information on installing the springs in the front end assembly

Since the last technical session described on this page there have been several smaller gatherings. As of March 18  the front springs have been installed. Also the rear axle is in place and the shocks and panhard rod have been installed. The brakes were dismantled some time ago and the pistons were cleaned and new seals were installed and the pistons were then put together. The front and rear hubs were cleaned. The front hub bearings were packed and replaced and new brake rotors were installed. The rear half shafts were checked and the bearings will only be replaced after the car is complete and is road tested. The rebuilt XJ6 steering rack is loosely in place as a fitting test. It will be removed to install the power steering hoses when they arrive.  The next events will be to run all new brake and fuel lines and install the gas tank followed by installation of the refurbished wiring harness. Stay tuned.

Rear shocks installed

The rear axle in place with the shocks and panhard rod complete. The rear axle awaits brakes and brake lines.

Detailed information and pictures are available on how the springs were installed in the front assembly.  The front assembly is now installed on the vehicle.

Brake piston renewal

Brake pistons installed

Front hub with new bearings

Front caliper opened


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