Phase 2 of the restoration project commenced on January 28, 2014.  The goal for the day was to remove the front and rear axles and the gas tank.  Some things take longer than expected and some things take almost no time at all.

The team: Rob Dunlop, Merv Clarke, Bob Hiland, Craig Turner, Rick Mutzke, John Wilson, Mike O’Brien, Lee Harrington

Driver’s side front suspension in

Rob Dunlop watches front end on the floor in amazement

Old front end on the floor

Bob Hiland and Merv Clarke begin removal of the rear axle

Lee Harrington and Bob continue the task

Spare tire pan from under the car - Rick Mutzke observes

Merv disconnecting emergency cable

Bob continuing to fight with a stubborn bolt

Bob is going to kill that bolt - Merv and Lee watch in horror

New technique for the bolt  - same enthusiasm

Oops - missed!

Time for a rest - John Wilson

The rear axle out at last!

Removing the spring rubber - Lee the torch man!

Rear axle space empty

Rear axle on a dolly - not clean yet

Hard to cut this bolt!

Rob Dunlop working on the bolt that was made in %*&(#

Yup - it’s still there

Merv is thinking... this looks dangerous!

Let’s try this anotherw ay

Merv supervises the gas tank removal

Craig Turner (in orange) tests the filler tube on the gas tank

Checking the tank

It must be here somewhere?

Rob - “I think that we should just scrap all this junk and get another shell”

Merv in the background using the club TV inspection device to check another gas tank interior

Engine and transmission from under the car

Rusty frame - all surface rust

Rear frame and spring


 last updated March 09, 2020

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