In the spring of 2012, I was unable to tune the carbs and discovered coolant loss and a blown head gasket.  We missed the Concours.

Antifreeze Stain on the Block

The head removed...the mess

The head  before cleaning

The block after cleaning

The head over the engine..on the way back in

New composite head gasket

Perfect makeshift bracket

Prepare for landing

Gradual decent

Checking alignment

Slipping past camshaft pulleys


Gliding into place

Hoist removed-in place

The images below are derived from the need to remove the manifold when a replacement set of carbs were installed. A difficult task at best. Dave's comment was "you may have won the battle but you seem to have never won the war"

By the spring of 2013 we were once again ready for the Concours.  Helen's cleaning hours on the spoke wheels contributed to another trophy.  By the end of summer we had enjoyed another 1000 miles.

Observations on Completion
The driving experience has completely exceeded my expectations.  As Phil Karam, one of my test pilots, said, "Everything is nice and tight.  Very responsive."  I was surprised to learn how light the steering is.  The handling and acceleration are treats every time I hit the road.  There were problems on the shakedown drives.  The carbs were very difficult to time.  I re-assembled them five times.  I can say with certainty if you put the floats in upside down the car will not run.  Another area was electrical when I learned that a fuse holder had lost its ability to grasp the fuse tight enough.   Replacing the fuse block cured the problem but tiny hands would have made the task easier.  The fuse block below that one now needs replacing too.

The most frequent questions I got while doing the restoration were, "When will it be done?" (Answer: Twice as long as I think?) "How many hours have you spent on this?" (Answer:  I don't know and I don't care).

Was it worth it? Definitely.  Would I do it again? No.  I am now restoring three wooden boats, one in Florida.  the skills I learned, the people I met were unexpected benefits. The public's response to the car is gratifying but most satisfying is driving the car.  Helen and I had planned when it was done to drive it and to play golf.  We do both. 

me and helen



- for supporting the dream

Grant Edwards

- design and assembly of rotisserie
- disassembly of car

Rupert Phelan

- loan of Mig Welder, Knibbler, support

Mike O'Brien

- assistance and guidance with loading on trailer for trip to Forida

Phil Karam

- instruction on leading, invaluable advice, support


- Laurie Daub, Alan Turner - pushing, lifting, holding, support

Dave Lui

- lessons on Mig Welding: Metal Fabrication, Relay restoration

Dale Seegobin

- Final spraying - basecoat and clearcoat

Grant Doran

- Installation of windshield

John Wilson

- Invaluable assistance with re-assembly

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