This is continued restoration in chronological order for the period March 2009 to March 2010

March 2009 - New windshield was installed with the guidance of a friend, Grant Doran,. No substitute for experience and the proper tools

With glass installed all around, Helen prepares the cover for the trek back to Canada

April 3rd - Ready to roll. No billowing or flapping this time.

April 6th - Welcome home!

Nose wrapped. Safe and dry. But a couple of scratches on the lower sill

Between April and September this summer little was accomplished on the E-Type.
My interest in boats consumed my time but that is another saga. In November we returned to Florida with the Jaguar in tow.

November - Using Leatherique's product called crack filler, I began repairing the dashtop. Each time I thought I was finished I decided to finesse my repair. Nine months later it still looks acceptable.

December - All guages were removed, new O rings ordered and guage outer rings repainted

Originally, the plan was to be able to drive the car in July and in January.  I would haul the E-Type to our winter home in Florida, Mike O'Brien was called upon to help me load and anchor the car to my trailer. The first winter trips allowed me to continue restoration on part of the interior but we learned the cover was not heavy enough to withstand the wind and two of the attaching straps scratched two spots on the outer sills.  Helen fitted a heavier cover with greater success.   We also installed all the windows while in Florida.

What follows are a series of before,during and after shots of the centre section of the dash.

Here is the dash back before and after. The back is solid copper as you can see in the after photo.

The wires were reassembled but labels got wet with cleaning spray and were blurred. Much grief.

Here is the dash front before and after

January to March 2010

Several attempts were made to get the carbs working properly even though we had had the car running somewhat roughly in the past.We were unable to even start the engine until we discovered the tachometer had to be connected before the ignition would work. Problems continued to plague us well into the summer before they were all sorted out.

The chrome pieces I had sent out for re-plating arrived. Fitting the bumpers was tricky and needed extra hands to get proper alignment. Windshield chrome trim surrendered peacefully to the proper tools. One front spear at the side of the windshield was determined to resist placement and took extra convincing.

Tire selection took much reflection and research. I chose not to replace the tires with the expensive original size. Instead 205 70 R 15 made by Cooper with white side walls were fitted after I had acquired radial tubes. Fortunately I found someone to mount and balance the new purchase.

Prepping to go home. Notice the new wheel and tire on the trailer. Trailering can be traumatic. (another story)

New and heavier cover fitted for the journey

Home in the driveway

The second trek back to Canada convinced me that hauling a trailer that distance was too stressful to repeat.  There is also a story about getting a flat tire on the trailer on the I-95 about two hours from our destination but that's another story.

In the spring of 2011, the car was ready for the road.  We had only 4 miles on it from short test drives so we trailered it to the Concours.  The judges were very generous and totally surprised me with enough points to garner a "Best in Class" award.  This moment was definitely a highlight of the experience since I had only meant to build a driver.  With our various shakedown cruises we put almost 1000 miles on the odometer.  As President Rob said, "nothing of significance fell off."

President Rob Dunlop presenting the “Best in Class” award at the 2011 Concours


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