Battery holder. Center is original borrowed from Hugh Siddons. Right is cardboard template. Left is fabricated version

Many parts were cleaned, repaired, buffed or painted while the body was being done

Awaiting reassembly after sandblasting and painting. Three manuals needed to direct assembly

Awaiting external cleaning. No further work planned.

Above: Much of the interior was salvageable. The foam had rotted but the leather and vinyl were sound. The seats were completely disassembled, new foam installed and covers re-stapled to the frame.

Each piece above had to be restored...polished, glued, painted...what fun!  The wheel is now ready to go down the road

Thanks to Leatherique the seats were cleaned and redyed. Not difficult for DIYI

This is a chronological listing of activities from October 2007 until late September 2008 

October 2007- The assembly of the IRS was completed. The photos above are obviously before and after

Winter 2007-2008
Cleaned and rejuvenated the spoke wheels, seat belts, brake and clutch reservoirs bottles, acquired new brake and clutch master and slave cylinders. The brake assist tank and cylinder was rebuilt. Ordered hoses, exhaust gaskets and many other parts

April 2008
The " sugar scoops" were installed in the bonnet-a very challenging job. The wiring block was repaired and the front harness was installed. The bonnet was removed yet again. The exhaust hangers were installed. The gas lines and the¬  brake lines to the rear were installed.

May 2008
Removed the chassis from the wagon. Installed the IRS. The car was now sitting on its rear wheels.Cleaned, researched and did the preparation for assembly of the front suspension. Installed new stainless heater pipes and various items on the fire wall

June 1st 2008
The Ottawa Jaguar Club Spring Drive visited our home.I cleaned and painted the transmission body which was leaking

June 10th
We removed the bell housing from the transmission.¬ John Wilson and I removed the pressure plate,and clutch plate (looked like new). Then came the clutch fork. Then the transmission shaft was¬  cleaned and retapped for a new set screw.

Assisted again by John Wilson we reassembled the clutch and pressure plate.The bell housing and transmission were joined and attached to the engine.In the picture above we are setting up the hoist to lift the body.

The engine was then rolled in under the body. The body was then lowered around the engine.

The engine was connected to the mounts and the rear transmission mount was put in place. The body was lowered onto the lower A arms to set the torsion bars. The rotors, calipers hubs and front wheels were installed.After 6 years the car sat on its wheels again.

June 22 & 23

June 24th & 25th
When we connected the transmission to the driveshaft, we discovered the gearbox in reverse but the shifter locked in neutral.John Wilson assisting again we removed the top of the transmission and drained the old oil. The gear shifting mechanism was "gummed up". It was cleaned and a new gasket cut.The transmission was filled with DUNK, a degreaser, then drained and flushed with lacquer thinner then blown dry with compressed air. It was oiled with WD 40. The top was the re-installed. It now shifted well

June 17

June 27th
The oil pan is removed. No surprises. Cleaning inside and out begins.


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