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The Club Library consists of written and electronic material that relates to various marques of Jaguar. There is a complete set of  workshop manuals on CD that may be borrowed. The list of contents of the library is below. Any member who wishes to borrow something from the library should contact Merv Clarke, the librarian, by phone at 613-723-5125 or by e-mail.

How-to CD’s


Parts & Service Manuals:

XK-120 / 140 / 150 / 150S




MK I / MKII / 240 / 340




E-Type Series I & II / E-Type Series III




XJS up to 1987




(missing XJS 1987-1991)




XJS post-1991




XJ6 Series I & II / Series III




(missing XJ12 1973-1979)




XJ12 Series III








X300 1994/1995



Learn from the Experts:

Guide to museum quality restoration




Metal finish/repair




Surface preparation: paints and finishes



1998 XJ8

Operating Highlights



Technical tips from Jaguar Driver 

Tips on buying the right one and fault finding

Written Reports


Changes in Gasoline II

Gasoline quality guide



Rhode Island Wiring Service

Wiring supplies



Griot's Garage

Products for your garage



Directory of JCNA

History of clubs in JCNA



Ottawa Jaguar Club 1994

Minutes, letters, etc.



Ottawa Jaguar Club 1995

Minutes, letters, etc.



Jag Jottings

Copies from 1991 to 1998



Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations




OJC Constitution

Constitution enacted in 1986



Affiliation Agreement

OJC and JCNA - 1986

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