March 16, 2015 -Tech Visit to the Auto Dentist
For the March club event, twelve attendees including several new members enjoyed an excellent visit with Auto Dentist, the dent removal and minor dings experts. Following an introduction with Timbits and fresh coffee, we received a very comprehensive show-and-tell in their very clean and well organized facilities. First stop, we watched two experts removing minor dents from an older Malibu hood with a variety of tools including a plastic percussion rod and a small hammer plus various ball end style push devices. We then toured through their van which is fully equipped to do on site repairs. Elsewhere, an older Honda was under repair for a bad scrape on the front driver-side bumper plastic covering. They proceeded to sand the scrape area smooth and then apply a special filler followed by finish sanding and then a paint process. The finished area was perfectly matched and the original area of scrape was indistinguishable. This was all done in about 2 hours, accompanied by copious explanation and good humour.

They are obviously interested in our business and offered us a 20% discount for club members who bring proof of membership. I had some dents removed from my E-Type seven years ago and was then very impressed. (I too had excellent work done on my E-type and my wife’s Honda – editor). At that time the shop was about 1/3rd the size of today; so they are obviously expanding their business base. I intend to visit them soon to remove more dents and have some repair done to the front bumper cover of my Prius. Not all types of dents and scrapes can be repaired by the Auto Dentist folks but where applicable, we can definitely recommend them as an economical and highly effective alternative to standard auto body repairs.
Dave Kenny

AutoDentist, 151 Bentley Ave #17, Nepean

February 21, 2015
on 21 Feb, we once again took up the challenge for the annual Ottawa Valley Triumph Club (OVTC) Invitational Dart Tourney, providing five of the 12 teams representing OJC, the hosts and the MG Club. The competition proved to be a little too tough and we had to relinquish the trophy won last year by our Lee Harrington and Steve Fox, to OVTC father and son team Barry and Oliver Wilkinson. Well played all round and many thanks to our participants Chuck and Pam Robinson, Lee and Alex, Mike O’Brien and Gail Jenson, Steve, Tony Jeffries and Adrian Sawyer. Oh well…..there’s always next year…

February 16, 2015
OJC DARTS ‘N’ PIZZA on 16 Feb, A stalwart group of 18 emerged out of the bitter, frigid night into the cheery warmth of St Anthony’s to take part in the annual ritual of tossing pointy things at the wall. Amongst the hearty gaggle were four ladies including first timers Gail Jensen and Jen Poston. A round robin tourney, organized by our resident Darts Meister Guy Goodman, had the randomly-selected teams play five matches to determine this year’s champions. A brief respite part way through the activities saw the (evidently) famished participants scoff downeight pizzas and various cookies before reassembling to complete the competition. At the conclusion, one team emerged undefeated ; Jeff (“it’s all in the wrist”) Poston and Rob (It’s all in the feet”) Dunlop. The shocked and startled champions graciously accepted the bottles of bubbly for the equally startling and extremely surprising results. The mumbling competitors left somewhat satisfied with the food (if not the outcome)… a great evening to get our 2015 season underway. A

special thanks to Guy Goodman for his organizational prowess, if not for his clumsily-contrived method of obviously rigging the results.

April, 2015
The club received some outstanding news by way of the recent JCNA  AGM in Philadelphia. At the suggestion of Lee Harrington, Rob Dunlop composed a submission advocating Jaguar Ottawa for the annual JCNA Dealer of the Year award for 2014. It was announced at the AGM that Jaguar Ottawa did indeed receive this honour. Fully deserving, our local dealership has been a strong and loyal supporter of our club since the inception of their business a decade ago. They have been generous financial contributors to our annual Concours, provided new Jaguars on display and hosted the meet and greet cocktail reception. With the exceptional parts discount and excellent service, I encourage all members to support our award-winning dealership. The award will be presented to Mark Weisbrod, General Manager of Jaguar Ottawa at the club Spring Dinner.

July 18, 2015 - Ottawa ABCD
Once again the premier annual “Best of Blighty” car show in the Ottawa area enjoyed a successful day 18 July with over 180 vehicles putting in an appearance under blue skies on the picturesque river shores of Britannia Park. A couple dozen Jags contributed to the event although regrettably only half were OJC members. The wide variety of brands with mainstream MG, Triumph and Austin Healey (and Jaguar) interspersed with rarer Morgan, Lotus, Rolls Royce/Bentley, Singer, Marcos and others made for a highly interesting and enjoyable day for enthusiasts of UK’s Best. A superb video with pictures of virtually every car in attendance is available on a YouTube Video Courtesy Rick Cooper..

Jaguar award

warming sun beams to welcome our annual rite of spring; the OJC Spring Dinner. On 18 April, 42 club members and guests gathered at the Algonquin College International Restaurant to dine and reacquaint with friends and colleagues separated by the cruel Winter of 2014/2015.

Uniquely this year, we had the pleasure of presenting Jaguar Ottawa staff with the JCNA Dealer of the Year award for 2014. Guests of OJC, they included dealership owner John Mierins, General Manager Mark Weisbrod, Service Manager Vernon Brown and Chief Technician Carlo Spinello with their ladies. Mr Mierins was thrilled with the award and encoura was further highlighted by a delicious dinner and excellent service by students of the Algonquin College culinary school.

June 14, 2015 - OJC Concours
Our annual main event was blessed this year with bright sunshine, blue skies, comfortable temperatures and the rural beauty of our new venue, the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. Thirty five cars joined us to celebrate our club and our passion for Jaguars, some travelling from Montreal and Northern New York to be with us. The recreated 1920’s village including Watson’s Esso Garage, provided a picturesque, dramatic contrast to the gleaming classic and modern Jags as well as a superb backdrop for photos. Several “village residents”, authentically dressed, visited with us including a farmer on his vintage tractor sporting a chest-length snow white beard (ZZ Top anyone?). We quickly felt at home in the excellent facilities, probably the best location ever for our concours.  See the July Jottings to view the entire story.

YouTube Video of the 2015 OJC Concours.  A special thanks to Stewart Robertson for taking the pictures and for sharing them.

July 26, 2015 - Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Tea Party
Our annual visit to the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind fund-raising tea on Sunday, 26 July featured blue skies and bright sunshine for the nine participating club members. Jags figured prominently in the car display as their owners partook of the delicious English tea with musical accompaniment and purchased English goodies for home consumption…a pleasant and tasty day amid the lush greenery at the serene Manotick setting.

July 31, 2015 - Glengarry Highland Games
A mere hour’s drive east of Ottawa, each year since 1948 the small town of Maxville has been hosting one of the largest Scottish festivals outside Scotland. With numerous pipes & drums bands, highland dancing and musical competitions and ancient highland games over two days, it’s a glorious celebration of Celtic heritage. On Friday, 31 July four Jags and two Bentleys made a pleasant back road run to join the UK car display at the site.  See the August Jottings for full story.

August 14-16, 2015 - Don & Alan’s August Adventure
This road trip comprised three very different days. The first day, Friday, 14th August, starting at about 2 pm, was a country drive to Belleville via good, largely deserted back roads, for an evening’s entertainment and overnight stay. The second day, Saturday, 15th August was a beautiful day and we spent it touring the delights of Prince Edward County and its produce, including several wineries, a major cheese outlet and the County Cider Co for their outside restaurant at lunchtime. After staying overnight in Belleville again on Sunday, August 16th we returned to Prince Edward County to take the Glenora Ferry to the Loyalist Parkway alongside the St. Lawrence river up to Kingston, where we joined the Boot n’ Bonnet annual car show in Kingston City Park, arriving around 11:15 am. We left around 3:15 pm for a drive back to the Ottawa area and finished the weekend with supper at the Old Mill at Ashton. The highlight of the drive home was the Opinicon Road, a marvellously twisty, variable elevation road.
For complete story see the September Jottings.
Alan Graves

August 23, 2015 - Ribfest and Car Show in Perth
Eight club cars headed out from Manotick on Sunday, 23 August for the picturesque town of Perth and their first annual combined Ribfest and Car Show. Held at the fairgrounds, our Jags joined an eclectic mix of classic and current cars, hot rods, muscle cars and antiques as well as three more club members. The three day charity event hosted by the Perth Rotary club featured four well known “ribbers” with huge displays and tempting BBQ, a variety of food and merchandise vendors, a local brewery beer garden and live entertainment throughout the day. The car display drew a large crowd of interested attendees and OJC’ers enjoyed speaking with the variety of owners and visitors. Phil Karam took advantage of the situation to conclude the sale of his XJ8. All in all, a super day and pleasant drive in great weather. We look forward to the second annual event next year, perhaps with more club cars.
Rob Dunlop
 View the video of the Sunday Car Show.
and the article on the event published by Desmond Devoy of the EMC Perth Courier.

August 2015 - Comiccon Convention in May 2015
Upon hearing that Malcolm McDowell who starred as 'Alex' in the famous Stanley Kubrick movie 'A CLOCKWORK ORANGE', was coming to town for the 4th annual Ottawa Comic Convention (Comiccon) this past May, I got interested. I reached out to the event promoters to see if I could get him to sign the under bonnet of my Adams Probe 16, the car featured in the film. Since Malcolm was a Star Guest, and the fact that they were playing the famous movie on Saturday night as a feature attraction, the Comiccon organizers were elated and most pleased to have me bring the car for display. The best part, Comiccon takes place at the EY Centre, less than 1 km from my home.
With the aid of Lee Harrington's trailer, and Chuck Robinson's help, we got the car over there.  Towing the trailer and car with the JAG 4PAW4 was quite the sight). The pictures tell the rest of the stor.
Phil Karam

In addition to numerous Jaguars, member Phil Karam owns a near unique car that appeared in the Stanley Kubrick futuristic film of 1971, “A Clockwork Oriange”. Known as the Adam Probe 16 , Phil’s is one of three built, his being the only complete one remaining

The M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16 is a car designed by former Marcos cars designers Dennis and Peter Adams, (Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire England) in 1969 as 'an investigation into extremes of styling'. It was powered by a mid-mounted tuned Austin 1800 engine and stood a mere 86 centimeters (34 in) in height. It has 10" wheels on the front and 13" wheels on the back. Entry was gained via a sliding glass roof. - Wikipedia

August 10, 2015 Technical Visit
An informative technical session was held at Dez’s Paint Shop in Greely on August 10. 16 members attended, with 10 adjourning after the meeting to the Swan on the Rideau pub. The evening consisted of three main features: an inspection of a stripped 1969 E-type roadster, a demonstration of latest paint matching technology and a demonstration of pin-pulling technology for hard to get at dents on an E-type.
The E-type is undergoing an extensive restoration of the body and common areas for rust were clearly identified as well as previous, poorly done, attempts at repair. A selection of repair panels has been purchased from Monocoque-Metalworks and the fit and use of these panels was discussed.
Dez’s Paint Shop has recently invested in a significant upgrade in the latest painting technology using equipment and materials from Axalta. A key feature is state of the art paint matching technology using an “Acquire-Plus efx” triple-eye camera. Paint is a new Axalta solvent-compliant base coat syste. The familiar brand name from Axalta is Cromax. Paul Fitzgerald demonstrated the use of the paint-matching camera. The technology gives a measure of accuracy of the match. While pin-pulling is not a new technology Paul gave an expert demonstration of how valuable the technique is to remove dents from parts on the E-type body that cannot be reached with direct hammer and dolly. Thanks go to Dez and Paul Fitzgerald, Jeremy Lindsay and Jamie Ruhland for an informative evening. 
Jeff Poston

2015 tech 1 (2)
2015 tech 2 (2)

April 18, 2015 - Spring Dinner
As sure as the snow (eventually) melts, the jagged potholes emerge and the

September 1, 2015 - Hazeldean British Invasion
The annual club pilgrimage to West Ottawa for the assemblage of “UK’s Finest” occurred 1 Sep under clear skies and (for a change) balmy temps. Ten members joined an eclectic mix of 35 British and other collector cars for a “show and shine” event before proceeding to the nearby Cheshire Cat pub, recently resurrected from a disastrous fire a year ago. The overfull parking lot and packed pub indicated it has lost none of its popularity and charm, and from the upgraded upstairs club room and really excellent food, can expect regular returning car club customers. On this occasion, 34 made their way over from the car gathering.
Al Graves

September 25, 2015 - Norwegian Morgan Club Drive
No, this is not a misplaced article….there really is an OJC connection. Club members Chuck and Pam  Robinson became acquainted with the Norwegian ambassador to Canada and her husband, Asmund Baklien, who brought his modern Morgan three wheeler on posting to Canada. On learning that 20+ fellow Norwegian Morgan enthusiasts were to visit Ottawa this fall but without their cars, the Robinsons volunteered to organize a drive. Calling on OJC and Jaguar Ottawa resources involving cars to carry three passengers each, on 25 Sep, the group of nine cars left under sunny skies for a country drive to  Merrickville, a stroll around town and return to the embassy residence for refreshments. A “Well done” to Chuck for organizing his first ever group drive… without losing anyone... and a special thanks to  Mike O’Brien, Phil Karam, Mark Weisbrod and Don Morrison in addition to Pam Robinson for providing chauffeuring services accompanied by member Peter Whitworth in his Morgan +4. Word has it that Pam enjoyed driving the loaner 2015 XJL from Jaguar Ottawa so much, Chuck may be soon pressed to find room next to the Bentley in the garage.

September 28, 2015 - Jaguar Ottawa Technical Visit
Hosted by shop manager Carlo Spinello with the able assistance of general manager Mark Weisbrod, it was aimed at newer Jags equipped with ECUs. Carlo had hooked up Mark’s high performance XFR-S to their diagnostic system to illustrate the perimeters and possibilities for improving performance through ECU remapping and other techniques as well as related limitations and trade offs (“…adding a bunch of fuel is of limited benefit unless there’s a corresponding increase in air volume…”). Of particularly interest to members was a lengthy Q and A session covering tips and tricks involved in running modern Jaguars including tire choices, winter operation and today’s fuels (“… Jags don’t like ethanol but most can tolerate it up to level 10…don’t go beyond that.” “All (current) Jags require premium fuel in accordance with manufacturer’s direction…operating with regular is detrimental”). The group then retired to Liam Maguire’s pub for a pint and a bite and to toast OJC’s 

30th anniversary of its first drive. All in all, a very informative and enjoyable evening. Many thanks to Mark and Carlo for their continuing enthusiastic support to the club and taking the time after work hours to host this very worthwhile gathering.

October 3, 2015 - Oktoberfest & Fall Drive
At the invitation of the local Mercedes Benz club, a Eurocars fall drive of German car clubs plus OJC took place on 3 October. With crisp temps under sunny skies, 40 cars including Mercedes,Porsches, BMWs and Jags (eight plus a Bentley) made their way collectively from Lincoln Fields or individually to gather at the Maple Leaf/Almrausch German Club in rural Carlsbad Springs for an Oktoberfest lunch. The 75 attendees strolled around the parking lot checking out the wide variety of “Europe’s (and UK’s) Finest” before proceeding indoors to the gasthof-atmosphere of the superb restaurant for bratwurst, weiner schnitzel and suitable beverages. This was a highly-successful outing, hopefully to be a annual event. Many thanks to Larry Lomas of the MB club for the invitation and Mike O’Brien, our Eurocars coordinator, for making it happen.

October 10, 2015 - E-Type 50th Birthday Party
On 10 October, Hugh and Hally Siddons invited club members to join them to celebrate the date of manufacture and 50th birthday of Hugh’s beloved 1967 (built in 1966) E-type coupe, 1E31971. 35 guests, members and partners enjoyed the garden reception under chilly but bright sunshine with tasty treats prepared by Hally. Six E-type siblings plus an XK120 and an XK140 joined in for family portraits. Hugh’s photographer neighbour Glen Orsak took lots of super pictures including overhead with his camera-mounted drone. The successful day evidently planted a seed as several attendees were overheard considering car birthdays of their own…
Many thanks to Hugh and Hally for the generous hospitality and to Glen and daughter Sydney for the superb recording of the event.

November 5th, 2015 - Christmas Dinner
OJC members gathered for the annual club Christmas dinner at the  Algonquin College Restaurant International. Once again, we enjoyed a comfortable atmosphere combined with excellent food and service. Forty plus members enjoyed cocktails and a chat before sitting down to the superb three course dinner prepared and served by the students of Algonquin College’s food services and catering program. After dessert, our president Dave Kenny, took the occasion to recognize Merv Clarke and Ed Theoret for their extraordinary contribution as active members of the OJC executive...
in Merv’s case over the past thirty years. Members enjoyed a fine evening of dining and camaraderie.
Stewart Robertson

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