April 26, 2014 - The Ottawa Jaguar Spring Dinner
     This year’s Spring Dinner was held at the International Restaurant on Friday evening April 25th . 45 members and partners/spouses, guests attended and two fell ill before the dinner and couldn’t make it. The overwhelming consensus was that the setting, the food and the company was exceptional.
     Rob Dunlop made a special introduction for Timothy Whelan and his wife Christine. Tim has been an outstanding supporter of the club from his position as Sales Manager at Jaguar Ottawa. He is moving to become the General Manager at Pembroke Honda. Rob thanked him for his support and presented him with a plaque in recognition of his help and a liquid gift to get him started in his new life.

February 15, 2014 - We are the Champions
     Congratulations go out to OJC’s own Lee Harrington and Steve Fox for bringing home the winner’s trophy at the recent Ottawa Valley Triumph Club hosted annual inter-club Darts Day.  It was attended by the Ottawa MG Club, the Triumph Club, The Ottawa Jaguar Club and two members of the Cornwall Austin Healy Club. OJC members in attendance were Lee Harrington and Alex Hudson, Don Leblanc and his wife Janet, Steve Fox, Adrian Sawyer, Dave Batten, and Mike O'Brien.
     Steve and Lee won the overall event and were presented with the trophy. Martin Burtt (pictured in front of the laptop), who organized the event for the Triumph Club is also a member of the OJC. Our compliments to the Ottawa Valley Triumph Club for a fun afternoon including a great lunch.
Mike O’Brien

May 25, 2014 - Spring Drive and visit to Hudson Town and British Car Show
     Sunday, 25th May was a great day for a drive, a great day for a car show and a great day to walk in a vineyard – and we got to do all three!!!
     The spring drive group of 9 intrepid drivers and their companions set off from Tim Horton’s on 10th Line Road just after 9:30 Sunday morning for a relaxed drive down to Hudson, stopping for coffee at Tim Horton’s at Hawkesbury on the way.
     Once we reached Hudson we joined the bi-annual Hudson British Car Show in a park just 200 meters from Hudson’s Main street. The show was well attended with well over 200 cars present including many that seldom, if ever, make it up to Ottawa.
     Those who had brought picnic lunches were able to relax and enjoy them, although the unnecessary “background” music was occasionally just too loud. Some of the ladies mounted an expedition into town to go check out the boutiques, stores and tea rooms – but Clarence and

Cripps, a local Hudson store, actually had a table at the show. Some folks had to leave early because of reports that bad weather was going to hit Ottawa – thankfully it didn’t. But some of the rest enjoyed the back roads drive back to Ottawa, including stops at Vankleek Hill winery, where we were given a tour of the vineyard, and Beau’s Brewery – I needed some more Tom Green Ale – then it was home arriving back into Ottawa around 5:30 pm.
Alan Graves.

May 18, 2014 - ByWard Market Auto Classic
     View the YouTube video of the ByWard Market Auto Classic
     Traditionally the first car show event of the year for OJC, the Auto Classic was advanced three weeks this year to coincide with May long weekend activities in the Byward Market.
     Seven Jaguars basked in the chilly but bright sunshine beaming down on the Clarendon Court parking site. In attendance were Mike O’Brien (2005 VDP), Harry Brownell (1968 E-Type 2+2), Dave Kenny (1967 E-type 2+2), Hugh Siddons (1966 E-type coupe), new member Jim Foster (2007 XK coupe), Rob Dunlop (1968 E-type roadster) and Ed Theoret (1959 XK150 roadster). The courtyard is a busy thoroughfare to the

market so many visitors stopped by to view, photograph and discuss the Jags. The organizers did a fine job looking after us including delivering an excellent chicken wrap and french fries lunch. Despite a trafficpacked departure through the busy market, it was an excellent event. Unfortunately, cars in attendance have been on a steep decline for a number of years which regrettably must be putting the event’s future somewhat in doubt.
Rob Dunlop

June 21, 2014 - Eurocars Drive
     The 2014 Eurocars event took the form of a drive through the countryside with stops at the St Albert’s Cheese Factory and Smokie’s Ridge Winery for a tasting and picnic lunch.
     Thirty-six cars assembled at the Orleans mall with a wide variety of Porsches, Mercedes-Benz and BMWs, a couple of Alfas, three Jaguars, a Rolls, an OJC Bentley and a very delectable McLaren. Awaiting for departure, the assemblage drew a number of curiousvisitors, keen to check the cars out.

     St Albert’s proved an opportune stop post coffee intake and the store offered the usual excellent cheese assortment for the shoppers in the group. As an aside, the new cheese factory, much larger than the original facility destroyed by fire last year, is nearly finished. The break offered the opportunity to admire the many great cars and compare notes with the owners.
     Soon back underway, the groups continued down south, along the picturesque St Lawrence before heading back up north to the final rendezvous at Smokie’s Ridge Winery, near Mountain, Ontario. We parked in a prepared field with nearby picnic facilities before joining the friendly and very engaging winery staff for a tour and tasting of their products. Still new to the business, their wine from imported grapes was superb, complementing the newly-purchased cheese and other delectables at the following picnic.
     All too soon, it was departure time and fond farewells were exchanged with new friends before heading home. Everyone greatly enjoyed the day prompting an offer by the Mercedes Benz club to organize next year’s drive. Kudos to Bruno Bastien of the Porsche club and our Mike O’Brien for putting this year’s memorable event together.
Rob Dunlop

August 9, 2014 - Harrington Wedding
We’re very pleased to announce the wedding of long time club member and volunteer Lee Harrington and his lovely bride Alex on the 9th of August 2014 at the Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. Congratulations and very best wishes from your fellow club members

August 9 - 10, 2014 - Port Perry & Prince Edward County Drive
     Aug 9. The four cars of this trip met up at Tim Hortons in Arnprior for a 9:30 am start for the day’s drive to Whitchurch-Stouffville, near Port Perry. The route took us up Regional Road 1, paralleling the Ottawa River, to Castleford road then through Renfrew to pick up Hwy 132, 41 and 26 to Bancroft for a tour of the Bancroft Gem and Mineral Museum and a quick lunch.
     After lunch we continued down Hwy 28 and RR 36 over to the Kawartha winery for a stop and taste then to Bobcaygeon for a stop and quick explore, before heading on to the falls of Fenelon Falls and driving past Elton John’s home to our destination at the Days Inn in Whitchurch-Stouffville.
     The group headed out in the evening to a local pub, The King’s landing, for supper before retiring. The next day, Sunday, 10th was a beautiful day (as was Saturday) and we headed the short distance over to Port Perry to join the Brits on the lake car show which takes over downtown Port Perry.
     We were lucky – we were able to park all our cars in the main display in the main street before exploring the town, having breakfast and so on.

The show must have had at least 400 – 500 cars , including cars I have never seen and cars I have never seen in Canada. The photo-montage shows a selection of the cars.
     Late Sunday afternoon we all left Port Perry, having had a thoroughly enjoyable day, both with the car show but also exploring the delights of this beautiful little town. Most of us headed up Highway 7 to Ottawa but one car went on to the third day – a tour of Prince Edward County, after overnighting in Trenton. The trip to Prince Edward County included a visit to a winery, Casa Dea, a visit to a source of amazing old cheddars – several made the journey back to Ottawa, and lunch at the beautiful outdoors restaurant at the county Cider Company, washed down with a glass of draft cider. After more touring, inimpeccable weather, it was time reluctantly to head home back to Ottawa......with memories of three great days and the Jag still purring away…
Alan Graves

July 18 - 2014 Meet & Greet pre Cocours
The concours weekend kicked off with 30 + members and partners gathering at Jaguar Ottawa for the Friday meet and greet event. Upon arrival, attendee proceeding indoors to view the new F Type R coupe with assorted XKR-S’ along side.. General Manager Mark Weisbrod acted as the amiable host and jovial bartender. It was particularly nice to see visiting members Michael Jackson (…no the other one..) and Kit and Paul Racette from Quebec. Mark entertained the group with tales of his recent adventures at the wheel of various new Jags at the Jaguar USA Driving School in New York. Everyone tucked into the finger lickin’ goodies courtesy of event organizer Merv Clarke and guest chef Lee Harrington. Many thanks Merv, Lee and Mark!
Rob Dunlop

July 19 - 2014 All British Car Day and Jaguar Concours
View the YouTube video of the ABCD and Concours - pictures courtesy of Stewart Robertson plus the YouTube video of the ABCD courtesy of Morris648.
Our annual premier event enjoyed superb weather and ideal conditions as we joined the All British Car Day (ABCD) at their venue in Britannia Park. The combined events resulted in a record 235 cars in attendance. With just under 50 Jaguars on the field and 20 competing in the concours, the registration and judging teams were kept busy most of the day. The Montreal club arrived en masse with a dozen Jags, ten of which entered for judging. Many thanks to the club volunteers and particularly the  registration ladies (Jean Dunlop, Louise Larabie and Paddy Robertson) and the judges (Mark Roberts, Lee Harrington, Steve Fox, Dave Brooks, Bob Hiland, Ed Theoret, Dave Kenny, Phil Karam, Merv Clarke, John Smiley, Mike O’Brien, Paul Davis and John Blais). The top Champion Class and Best in Show winner was (again) Steve Fox, while Frank Basten took the Global Autocare Trophy for Best in Driven Class. Congratulations to Steve and Frank and the other competitors for a fine showing. Finally, a big thanks to all the Jag owners who attended with their cars and added immensely to the day’s success.
Rob Dunlop

August 23 - Race The Runway at the Smiths Falls Russell Beech Airport
     As the car accelerates away from the far end of the runway, the sound system picks up and amplifies the building whine then scream then roar as the actual sound tries to catch up and the projectile resembling a car flashes by before rapid deceleration and then silence. It all passes in a matter of seconds and the alien-like noise is more like a low flying jet aircraft than an automobile.
     The third annual Race the Runway charity event provides an opportunity to fully stretch the legs of super cars along a runway with quarter mile and maximum speed after a half mile times captured and announced over the loud speaker.
     All manner of vehicles were present including Ferraris and Lamborghinis and American muscle such as Corvettes, Cadillacs, Mustangs, Vipers and Ford GTs. Eight OJC members attended to encourage Jaguar Ottawa general manager Mark Weisbrod in his jet black XFR, who set a very respectable 12.11 quarter mile and 216 kmph top speed. The overall winner was a modified Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale in screaming metallic pink which thanks to 2000 BHP (yes, two thousand!) it managed an 8.9 sec quarter mile and 330 kmph.
     The set up at the Smiths Falls airport is very professional and well organized for spectators including the opportunity for a ride-along run down the runway in a Ferrari or other super car. Excellent parking and burgers with fried onions….all for a good cause. This is a definite “must see” next year….oh and notwithstanding all the shiny, new muscle cars our three E-types drew a lot of visitors… several who proclaimed them their favourite cars at the show! All the results are on their website: www.racetherunway.com
Rob Dunlop

September 20, 2014 - Technical Workshop with Phil Karam
     Twenty plus club members assembled bright and early at the home of the club’s Technical Director, Phil Karam for a “show and tell” day. An experienced Jaguar restorer, Phil demonstrated metal folding and welding techniques including the black art of lead loading so prevalent in classic Jags, while displaying his own handiwork on his XK120 OTS, XK140 coupe and just completed XK120 coupe. Phil prides himself in using the techniques of the time vice modern often simpler methods. The excellent results spoke clearly as to his expertise. Following a Q and A session, the now peckish group followed Phil over to Dunn’s Restaurant for a massive smoked meat sandwich and other deli delights.
     For the afternoon, Phil arranged a visit with the year old garage Bearr’s Motor Sports (www.bearr.ca), specialists in wheel alignment, balancing and specialty tire suppliers in addition to general repairs and servicing. Equipped with the latest Hofmann alignment and balancing machines, they are able to diagnose and remedy any wheel-related problem with supreme accuracy.
     Also of particular note was the variety of Euro cars in various stages of repair around the garage giving the impression that their expertise wasn’t limited to rolling rubber. The very knowledgeable and experienced head mechanic Mete (met-EH) started out with Grand Touring Motors in Toronto working on Rolls Royces as well as specializing on V12-engined cars. He has worked on most exotics

including Jaguar, Aston Martin, Porsche and late model Land Rovers, Audis, BMWs, Volvos, Mercedes etc. The visitors were clearly impressed by his in-depth knowledge, frank responses and engaging personality. Several members booked appointments before leaving that day (me included) … one had a problem diagnosed on the spot. After my own initial very favourable impression and a successful followup appointment, I predict that in future more than a few members will be making their way to Bearr’s in the east end of Ottawa.
     Many thanks to Phil Karam for a truly superb and informative day.
Rob Dunlop

September 9 2014  - Hazeldean British Invasion
     The first attempt at the 2014 British Invasion, on Sept 2nd was a wash-out – literally.
The weather was so bad that the whole Cruise Night was abandoned. But perseverance pays off – we tried again a week later on September 9th which was fine weather-wise and were welcomed to the show with our own British invasion area – which we slightly overflowed with nearly 40 cars from many different marques, including a broad range of Jaguars.
     People started arriving around 5:30 and started drifting off over to the Old Mill at Ashton for a bite and a pint from about 7pm on – we had about 22 folks at the pub for a very convivial meal and chat. As usual everyone seemed to have a great time – and some of the non-British cars on display were really quite amazing, unique or interesting. Hopefully we will be doing this again next year – we are certainly welcome to do so.
Alan Graves

September 28 2014 - Austin Healey Club Colours Tour
     Fellow enthusiasts at the Healey club invited us to join them on their Fall colours drive this past weekend.
     With a weather forecast of sunny, 24c and leaves already turning, five OJC cars and couples took  advantage of the kind invitation. The meeting point at the Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior was an adventure in itself with mouth-watering home baking and super-sized breakfasts to tempt the occupants of the 18 cars taking part. In addition to the Jags (and one Bentley) there was a goodly variety of vehicles including lots of big Healeys, MGs (including a couple of MGTFs), a Mustang and Porsche interlopers. With great skill (and some luck) the leader managed to keep all 18 together throughout the tour. The drive along the Ottawa River to the dam crossover into Quebec was spectacular with many trees already in full colour under bright blue skies and summer-like sunshine. The route continued northwards to the Fort- Coulonge stop at Bryson’s Bistro du Bucheron, an 1850 hay barn, taken down, reassembled and beautifully reinvented as a restaurant. Recently opened, it’s located behind the Spruceholme Inn B&B, a classic stone house. Following a hearty brunch, the group continued eastwards on Highway148 to the Lavender Ridge Winery in Luskville to sample some of their

wines and check out the lavender products. All too soon, it was time to head home through Gatineau (…is it just me or are the Gatineau roads unbelievably bad? …never again with my E-type…) Thanks Healey club….we look forward to returning the favour and hospitality next driving season
Rob Dunlop

September 20 2014 - Stowe British Invasion.
Three club members (Hugh Siddons, John Smiley and Dave Kenny)
attended the show. Hugh and I drove there in tandem by the leisurely scenic route through northern NY and Vermont on the Friday arriving in the late afternoon in cold but bright sunshine. We met Ray Redshaw a former member and local Jag mechanic with his wife at the reception Friday evening. Ray had entered his impeccable MK 2 in the Concourse for Saturday judging and won a first on Saturday. We met John and Cathy for breakfast at The Golden Eagle and proceeded to the show for 10:00 AM entry. After I parked first in class 29 (series 1 E Type 1965 to 70) I was joined by a couple of Montreal members; one being a mechanic, who worked on the original restoration of my car in 1997/8 in Laprairie, Que. At Mario Bois VoituresAnglaises After cleaning our cars Hugh and I filledout people’s choice ballots for all 10 Jag classes until the closure at 12:30. After a long wait for lunch at one of only 2 food stands we surveyed the field and found only four cars of unique interest: a 1953 Austin A 30 and A 40, a 1967 Rover P5and a Rover 2200. The A 30 is owned by a Quebec city couple who bought it from the restorer and it is in mint condition. The A 40 is a recent American barn find in running condition and complete but in need of a full restoration and asking $4000 US. The Rover 2200 is in mint condition and in real use by the owner, but for sale(including manuals, tools, etc.) at $17,000 US due to a growing family. The couple did their honeymoon in this car. The Rover P5 is also in mint condition. The other notable cars were a pair of series 2 E Types for sale with one of them a claimed barn find in pristine condition. After studying this ”barn find “car I decided it must have been restored due to a number of anachronisms like the seller’s claim of clear coat paint, which was not available in the late 1960’s. I took several photos of engine details of the 2 cars for anyone interested in restoration

referencing. I also snapped photos of the long lines of each Jag class although Jags were outnumbered by the usual assortment of MGs, TRs and Healeys. On Saturday morning it was about 37 deg. F and at my hotel many British cars would crank but not fire, the single 1980s Bentley finally caught just when the battery was expiring. There was a significant no. of Canadians present. The one jarring aspect of the show was the enormous no. of classes up to something close to 60 to insure everyone won something; an unfortunate new equality trend in competitions. Hugh and I waited around until 5:40 PM to see if  ither of us won anything (we didn’t) and they were only up to class 30. Another cause of the drawn out schedule was the copious commentary by the announcer. There were a lot of comments and complaints about this and a large number of cars had left by this time.
David Kenny

October 19 2014 - Annual Fall Colours Drive.
     This was an open air event on Tony Jeffries' deck. 26 cars departed at 10:00 AM from the starting point; the southwest corner of the Loblaw's parking lot on the north side of Terry Fox Drive, just off the Queensway.  Ray Newson set up the routing and led us to Calabogie, over a two hour drive which included a half hour stop at Pakenham to tour the village and visit the General Store.   For lunch, Tony cooked up batches of the "olde familie recipes" chili and curry with desserts and salad provided by club member volunteers.
     What a spectacular day!  Kudos to Ray and Bonnie for the drive and to Tony for great hospitality and many thanks for the lunch.  More details in the November Jottings.

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